Facilities Manager is a powerful, easy to use tool designed to remotely collect meter reads, automate supplies fulfillment and report service information for managing fleets of printers, copiers, fax machines, and multi-function devices.


          Automate your Supplies and Service Management.

  • Utilize the most sophisticated supplies and service alerting in the industry.
  • Automatically collect meter reading & cost information.
  • Easily export data into third party accounting systems.
 Increase Profitability.
  • Reduce downtime with powerful service & status alerts.
  • Automated real-time supplies and service capabilities can notify you when your customers have issues.
  • Track Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and pinpoint costly devices in need of replacement.

           Ensure Customer Loyalty.

  • Offer just in time supplies and service delivery.
  • Track issues on all devices including those belonging to competitors.
  • Ensure your devices run smoothly for increased customer satisfaction.

Technical Advantages

Smart Alert System
•    Notifies you of issues, at the right time – not all the time. 
•    Gives you the power to configure your alerting needs.
•    Accurately predicts how long until toner runs out. 


Flexible Costing and Reporting
•    Easy to use, customisable reporting. 
•    Complete costing options that can accommodate your business model.
•    Learn how much money you are making (or losing) on each of your devices.


Print Audit Facilities Manager Branding Information

 The Print Audit Facilities Manager website can be fully branded with your company’s name, colors and logo. This document details specifically which components of Facilities Manager can be branded and how the branding process works. The Facilities Manager Branding Program allows you to customize Facilities Manager three key components: The login screen, main interface and online help.

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